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Welcome To Vielma Vision Eyecare!

Dr. Vielma and his staff strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere where our Irving eye care patients are treated professionally. At Vielma Vision Eyecare, our patients come first. Dr. Vielma provides medical eye exams, prescribes contacts lenses and eyeglasses as well as the treatment of ocular diseases. We also offer the latest in fashion eyewear.

Your Trusted Eye Doctor in Irving, TX

Eye Doctor in Irving TX Dr. VielmaWhether you need a routine eye exam, to find the right pair of contact lenses or glasses, or more advanced eye care services, you want to know your eye doctor has the right experience, expertise, and “chair-side” manner to make you comfortable on your visit. That’s why Irving residents come back for repeated visits with our optometrist, known for his eye care excellence, Dr. Thomas Vielma.

Our Optometrist’s Pledge

  • We will always strive to provide the highest quality eye care and optical products to our patients.
  • We will interact with our patients in a honest, professional and ethical manner.
  • Our patients will receive individualized service and personal attention in the most courteous, prompt and friendly manner.

Your eyes are for life, as should be your eye care. We take the time to get to know your eye care history, health, and payment needs. Our staff will constantly strive to educate ourselves and our patients to benefit their vision, eye health, and general well-being.

Focus Your Attention On These Key Areas

Blonde Woman Getting an Eye Exam in Irving TX

Our optometrist is proud to provide many types of tests and equipment for a comprehensive range of services to meet your eye care needs.

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Smiling African American Woman Wearing Eyeglasses in Irving TX

We will be happy to assist you in picking the perfect pair of eyeglasses or frames and/or fit you for contact lenses -including contacts for hard-to-fit patients.

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Eye Doctor Giving Eye Exam in Irving TX

Dr. Vielma specializes in routine vision screening and contact lenses eye exams but he is also available for eye emergencies and screening for eye diseases.

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Dry Eye Treatment in Irving

Dr. Vielma, of Vielma Vision Eyecare in Irving, TX explains, “Symptoms of dry eyes include stinging or burning in the eyes, scratchiness, and excessive irritation from smoke or wind. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, the eyes’ response to the consistent irritation caused by dry eyes may also cause a person to experience excessive tearing. In this case, the eye is attempting to flush and lubricate itself by producing more tears, but is unable to do so successfully due to the rate of evaporation or inability to spread the tears properly.”

New Arrivals in Eye Care and Eyewear!

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See the latest offerings from Michael Kors. Come explore the Michael Kors eyeglasses that will fit your personality and unique look.

Patient Testimonials!